Hello and welcome to my website! I am a born and raised North Carolinian from Raleigh. After taking pictures in the garden with my older brothers camera around the age of 13, I immediately fell in love with photography. I was so excited for my first camera, I watched hours of videos online and took notes on how to shoot manually. By the time my camera arrived I had a decent understanding of shooting manually and started learning the unique ways to approach photography when you are in full control of the camera. Each picture is a composition and piece of work made from years of practice.

Currently based in Denver, Colorado, I specialize in real estate media and am the owner of Front Range Media LLC. High-end real estate photography, 4K luxury videography, FAA licensed drone work and more. While heavily involved with real estate my passion for automotive photography has not changed and I am still available for bookings, just reach out!


Visit www.FrontRangeMedia.co to see more of my real estate work!

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy the photography! 

-James Stevens