Photos from Carolina Diesel Trucks meets and convoys, look for photos of your truck and purchase a variety of products such as prints, downloads, calenders, or accessories such as iPhone cases! Featured albums are only $60! If there is a picture of your truck you would like edited or touched up, just send me the link and I will for no extra cost! Enjoy!
Featured TrucksBlack GMCRudy's Diesel Truck Jam, Spring 2017CDT at Rockingham 2017Casey Hartley March ShootSeptember Greensboro Duramax ShootRudy's Diesel Truck Jam, Spring 2016Rudy's Diesel Truck Jam, Fall 2015Rudy's Diesel Truck Jam, Spring 2015Rudy's Diesel Truck Jam, Fall 2014Rudy's Diesel Truck Jam, Spring 2014CDT Snow Day 2014CDT Bon Fire 2014Rudy's Diesel Truck Jam, Fall 2013Dirty South Dyno DayCDT Beach Run 2013CDT at The Dirty Mo Season Finale & ConvoyCDT Rudy's 2013CDT Toys for Tots 2012CDT Toys for Tots 2013CDT Bon FireNick Copen ShootCDT Meet & Greet / Show & Shine